A Global Art Gallery to Behold in Houston

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s no different from any form of art: every brush stroke, click of the chisel, or shaping of clay tells a story about the creator’s life, the history and culture of their world the time they made it, and even the mood they were in whilst shaping their timeless works of art. Here at Alexan 5151, our luxury apartments put our residents close to some of the best art galleries and studios in Houston, so you’re never short on visual stories.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston is one of the best art museums in the entire state, let alone the entire city, due to its expansive permanent collection and its great special attractions throughout the year. It’s located only six miles away from our luxury apartments, so you can drive there in under fifteen minutes or, if you want to save on parking, you can take the bus in under an hour. As of today, the museum features over 70,000 works of art from all across human history: from the ancient carvings and weaves of Asian dynasties or Latin American tribes, to classic European and American paintings and sketches, all the way to modern day film and canvas. There are also several special exhibitions that cycle throughout the year, so there’s always something new to explore upon every visit. Best of all, there are several circumstances in which you can attend the museum for free, such as if you’re a member of the military or if you visit on Thursdays.

Explore the endless knowledge of art here at Alexan 5151. Visit our luxury apartments in Houston and the Museum of Fine Arts this weekend.