Houston apartment community

Achieve Peace of Mind in Our Houston Apartment Community

Stress is almost unavoidable – whether you’re annoyed by the lack of toilet paper, you’re struggling to catch up with your new remote projects, or you’re overwhelmed by how much free time yet little options you have – but that doesn’t mean it’s undefeatable. Here at Alexan 5151, our Houston apartment community continues to grant full relaxation through our amenities, so you can get your work done, enjoy your time with friends and family, and rest even during self-isolation.

For starters, all our amenity areas have access to high speed Wi-Fi. This means that you can video chat with friends out on the landscaped courtyard, work on office projects in our tech-friendly business center and work pods, or look up the newest recipes to try on the outdoor grilling stations. Conserve gas while making your essential trips to the grocery store by grabbing your bike from our handy storage and repair centers, or by charging up at the electric car charging stations. Need to pick up a package? Our concierge lockers ensure that they’ll be secure and ready for you whenever you stop by to pick them up. Pamper your furry roommates in our pet-friendly community, complete with a spacious pet park and a fully equipped dog spa. Finally, we have great amenities for when self-isolation is lifted, such as our comfortable guest suites and our secure Butterfly camera system.

Stay happy and healthy at home here at Alexan 5151. Schedule an online tour with us today to see our Houston apartment community up close.