artisan pizza

Artisan Pizza Made Your Way in Houston

Just like how no two people are alike, it should make sense that no two people’s tastes of pizza are alike. True, we may have toppings that a lot of folks universally enjoy, such as pepperoni, but then there are the outliers: the folks who love anchovies, the trendsetters that liked pineapple before it became an online debate, and of course the purists who simply enjoy cheese and nothing else. You deserve to enjoy artisan pizza exactly how you want it, and our luxury apartments at Alexan 5151 put you close to several pizzerias to help you do just that.

MOD Pizza is a modern artisan pizza chain that goes above and beyond in regards to individual pizzas in the fact that they’re purely original. Their closest location is just a third of a mile away from our luxury apartments, and while their dining room may be closed for quarantine, they offer take out and delivery options so you can have your own pizza in minutes. Their menu features ten unique topping combinations if you’re feeling adventurous or you want to stick to the basics, while their create-your-own pizza allows you to play around with over thirty toppings with no extra charge or limitations. Not in the mood for pizza? No worries; they also have fully customizable salads with over thirty refreshing toppings to choose from.

Have artisan pizza your way at Alexan 5151. Tour our Houston luxury apartments online and order from MOD Pizza for your next one-of-a-kind meal.