Authentic New York Deli with Kenny & Ziggy’s near Alexan 5151

When you look for things to do near your apartment, especially things to eat, it can be tempting to pick somewhere near many high class restaurants, however, upscale can get stale, and sometimes all you need is a bit of comfort food. Here at Alexan 5151, residents of our luxury Houston apartments can enjoy both in equal measure, however, if it’s comfort food you’re after, then there is no better destination than Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Deli.


Located only a mile from Alexan 5151, Kenny & Ziggy’s comes from a family tradition of deli owners stretching from New York, to LA, and now to Houston. Ziggy Gruber’s family tradition brings the absolute best sandwiches in Houston to you. Gruber’s experience cooking in three star restaurants adds a bit of flair, which visitors love. Combining New York deli food with contemporary cuisine, the restaurant attracts a massive amount of regulars in the Houston area, and with the food they serve, it’s no struggle to see why. Massive serving sizes, dedication to fresh ingredients, and a complete and total devotion to preparing all of their ingredients and menu items by hand the traditional way makes Kenny & Ziggy’s the most authentic New York Deli experience that Houston, or perhaps even the entire state of Texas, has ever seen.


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