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A8 – Luxury 1 Bed 1 Bath Apartment in Houston

A8 – Luxury 1 Bed 1 Bath Apartment in Houston

Often the luxury we can experience depends on the home we’re in.  Make your move towards the lifestyle you deserve when you live at the Alexan 5151 luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas.  Enjoy luxury apartment features created for your personal comfort and entertainment every day. These features are placed well in floor plans and layouts designed for luxury. You will also find plenty for entertaining. Delight your friends with community amenities perfect for long weekends. Discover new dining, entertainment and shopping spots in your new neighborhood that will quickly become your favorites. Whether on your own or with friends, you will always find something interesting whether at home or out and about town.

Walk into your new A8 1 bed/ 1 bath luxury apartment home and...

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A Mix of Houston’s Best Flavors Close to Home

True, everyone has a classic meal they like to stand by on certain days: a favorite restaurant to return to every Friday, a daily fix of a morning coffee or an evening cocktail, or even a feel-better dessert on a bad...

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Houston Apartment Community

A Houston Apartment Community of Fun and Joy

It doesn’t matter if you’re sixteen or sixty-one years old: everyone should add some fun into their daily lives. It can be something as small as enjoying a short, funny video with your co-workers in the break...

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Houston Apartments

Houston Apartments with Amazing Kitchens

It’s hard to find a single soul that enjoys food. True, that may be easy to say since everyone requires at least a few meals a day to stay healthy, but everyone has their own unique tastes, preferences, and cooking methods that it’s nearly impossible to have the same meal over and over. Our luxury Houston apartments at Alexan 5151 understand humanity’s connection with great food, which...

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Two Bedroom Houston Apartments

Wonderful Two-Bedroom Houston Apartments

Sometimes it helps just to have one more: one more slice of that delicious cake your mother knows how to make, one more project done before the end of your work day, one more attempt at perfecting that skill you’ve been working on for months now. In the case of our two bedroom Houston apartments at Alexan 5151, we have one more bedroom, one more bathroom, and dozens more floor plans to best...

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