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A5 1bed/1bath love

A5 – 1bed/1bath

Your next home should be perfect – begin with a space you love. Start your dream life at the Alexan 5151 in Houston Texas. Happiness is defined by more than square footage. How your layout flows in the floor plan you choose can have a deep impact. Here, you can enjoy the easy living of a spacious layout that is inviting to friends. Feel comfortable sharing your personal space. Beautifully designed apartment features help you make the most of your time at home. Carefully crafted community amenities make every long weekend hanging out with your neighbors rewarding and relaxing. Your new community doesn’t end at the ground floor. Your next favorite restaurant, hang out, or hot spot is around the corner. Treat your friends to your slice of the good life and spend a long night out on...

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Houston Texas

A Walk on the Wild Side in Houston Texas

Earth is truly a wondrous planet, an almost impossible miracle of astronomical proportions, when you really stop to think about it. Its orbit around the Sun is right at that sweet spot where the star’s heat can reach the surface and sustain a warm temperature without cooking it, it has ample water and nutrients to spare, and best of all it has the largest variety of living creatures in the...

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Uptown Houston Apartments

Beautiful Uptown Houston Apartments for Busy Bodies

Adulthood is no easy feat, despite its personal freedoms. Many adults have to juggle their career, their finances and payments, their errands at home and in their office, their social lives, and all other sorts of...

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houston luxury apartments

Houston Luxury Apartments

Luxury deserves a grand entrance. Take your place center stage at the Alexan 5151 in Houston.  Find more than just luxury apartments. Feel the glamour of apartment features created for your comfort. Your luxury experience never ends at your doorstep. Indulge yourself and your friends with community amenities for the perfect long weekend. Start planning the parties you will host in your new...

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studio apartment in houston

E2-M: A Double-Layered Studio Apartment in Houston

It never hurts to add a little space into your home: an extra room to handle all your hobbies or your work, an added floor for more dimension to your comfort zone – not to mention adding a great method of...

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