Chama Gaucha Great Food near your Alexan 5151 Home

We’re right in the middle of Fall now; it’s time for the temperatures to finally drop to chilly levels, for the morning dew to turn into frost as the air gets below freezing at night, and to pull those nice winter jackets and cozy sweaters from storage. While some people may be more adept at handling the cold compared to others, nothing’s quite as satisfying as warming up your body with some delicious food, savory drinks, and pleasant company. Here at Alexan 5151, our spot in downtown Houston gives you access to all kinds of restaurants to keep you nice and toasty on any occasion.

Looking for something more formal to relish in? Look no further than the Chama Gaucha, the hot Brazillian restaurant located only one and a half miles away from our luxury apartments – no more than a ten-minute drive. Featured at the #2 spot of the Top Ten Restaurants in Houston on TripAdvisor, this unique dining experience appeals to any sort of crowd wanting to try something unique. Here, there’s no traditional menu to glance over, and no meal is brought out already on a plate. Instead, a gaucho, or Brazilian chef, comes forward and serves your entrée right at your table, carved from a large skewer. Try out all twelve different meats, ranging from classis like ribeye steak and filet mignon to Brazillian specialties like picanha sirloin and and porco pork ribs or loins. Vegetarians can also delve into their extensive salad bar, full of fresh veggies to satisfy any salad connoisseur.

Warm yourself up with a red-hot, new dining experience at Alexan 5151. Check out our amazing luxury apartments in Houston today, and then make a reservation to the Chama Gaucha with your loved ones.