Conquer Chores at Our Houston Apartment Community

No one likes to do chores – they’re tedious, they take up more time than you’d like, and they always multiply when you least need it – but we get them done anyway to ensure a happier way of life. Our luxury apartment community at Alexan 5151 helps you with your errands by offering a plethora of amenities that will save you precious minutes of time, allowing you to use them however you want.

To begin with, no longer do you have to nervously wait at your front door for an upcoming package or worry when an expected delivery goes missing. Our secure package locker concierge service lets you pick up online orders and gifts at any time. Need a quiet corner to finish up an office project from the comfort of home, or a nice meeting place for you and your co-workers? Our pristine business center creates a productive and peaceful atmosphere perfect for crunching down on tedious tasks, while our private conference room – complete with an HDTV – makes it easy for your team to tackle big assignments. There’s even a refreshing coffee bar to replenish your energy during an otherwise tiring task. Dress your best and don’t worry about the mess using our valet dry cleaning service. We have a guest suite for travelling visitors to rest in, great for travel meetings and other important work. Finally, save on gas and time during your daily commute using our handy car charging stations and bicycle storage areas.

Trim down your to-do list with flair here at Alexan 5151. Check out our caring and convenient Houston luxury apartment community soon.