Enjoy The West End Near Alexan 5151

Finding a certain bar or restaurant that you really love and that you feel entirely comfortable in is a rare find. Finding one close to your home is even rarer. With Alexan 5151, we offer a candidate for just such a place only a short trip from our location, that will surely please you and make you feel at home, even being so close to your actual one. This place is The West End Pub.


Since 2012, The West End has strived to be one of the best American Pubs in Houston, offering delicious food and a wide variety of whiskeys and on tap craft beer to accompany it. As often as possible, they use locally sourced ingredients and drinks, making the establishment a true taste of Houston food culture, all while being exceedingly close to our premises. However, what truly makes The West End special isn’t the locally sourced food, the amazing drinks, or anything like that, but the service that comes with it. The West End strives to help each and every customer to feel entirely welcomed and at home. This is why The West End is just perfect for those at 5151, the hospitality creating a warm and amazing atmosphere that invites in all.


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