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Horror, Haunted Houses, and Happiness at Houston

The scares of Halloween are back once more. It’s time for donning your costumes, grabbing your handy candy bag or pillow case to hunt for treats, and to prepare for the things that go bump in the night. Here at Alexan 5151, you have access to the best Halloween attractions in Houston right from your luxury apartment, so there’s always a good opportunity to get your scare on.

The Houston Scream Fest is more than just a haunted house attraction; it’s a full carnival experience, chock full of all kinds of spooky events, venues, live performances, and more. Its venue is no more than twenty minutes away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can drive there in under thirty minutes. Enjoy the thrill of nine different activities, from the terrifying haunted houses like the Castle of Doom, the Sanitarium, and the Casa de La Llorona. Hang around in the Midway for classic theme park events, such as carnival games, a tasty food court, and complimentary beverages of all types. Immerse yourself in a full zombie hunt using mounted paintball guns to fend off the horde of undead. Dare to traverse through the chainsaw maze. Listen to live music every weekend from local talents across Houston, or watch classic horror films in the projector screen. Finally, take pictures with the roaming characters, though make sure they don’t sneak up on you while you’re not looking! Admission is available every weekend and on Halloween night, and tickets are $40 per person, which includes unlimited admission to every venue and free beverages during your visit.

Dare to take on the demons and delights of Halloween at Alexan 5151. Make a visit to our luxury apartments in Houston, and then stop at the Houston Scream Fest before the month ends.