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Houston Apartments with Amazing Kitchens

It’s hard to find a single soul that enjoys food. True, that may be easy to say since everyone requires at least a few meals a day to stay healthy, but everyone has their own unique tastes, preferences, and cooking methods that it’s nearly impossible to have the same meal over and over. Our luxury Houston apartments at Alexan 5151 understand humanity’s connection with great food, which is why our homes are full of the best amenities for the kitchen and beyond to have a fantastic meal every time you have guests over.

For starters, all our luxury apartments, including our kitchens, have beautiful contemporary design. There are two different color schemes to choose from – warm & cool – giving you some customization before you even move in your first box. The stained concrete or hardwood flooring can handle anything from wine spills to puppy paws, and it easily matches with any décor scheme. The countertops are made of pristine granite, beautiful and burly, and are complemented by colorful tile backsplash. Finally, the custom cabinetry adds versatility and fashion to your cooking space. Roast, boil, sauté, and chill your meals to perfection using the stainless-steel appliances, including a double-door refrigerator for maximum grocery storage and a gas range. Clean up after a huge meal project using our convenient valet trash pick-up service. Lastly, add in some extras to your kitchens, such as cool wine chillers, chef’s islands, and a Sonos technology package to listen to music while you work.

Prepare the ultimate feasts right within your home here at Alexan 5151. Explore our appetizing luxury Houston apartments and amenities today.