Houston Luxury Apartments with Picturesque Comfort

A fine look and comfort sadly don’t go hand-in-hand as we can hope. After all, sweatpants, while great to wear on a slow day at home, are frowned upon in public places, and women especially have to suffer for their style thanks to meticulous makeup and painful high heels. Why can’t you have a home that offers the best of both worlds, then? Our beautiful Houston luxury apartments at Alexan 5151 stand out with their modern style and their top-of-the-line amenities, so that way you don’t have to sacrifice either to make your mark.

For starters, every luxury apartment comes with either a warm or cool color scheme; feel free to choose the style that best fits your comfort zone and preferred décor. Our contemporary style kitchens are great for cooks of any skill level, with features such as modern stainless-steel appliances for roasting and cooling meals to perfection – or even an additional wine chiller for building your collection of beverages, sleek granite or quartz countertops for durability and style, a Farmhouse stainless kitchen sink, and chef’s islands for more space and easy snacking. Ease away your stress with a soothing bath in the spa-inspired bathroom, which include giant garden tubs, standalone glass shower, and linen closets to organize your towels and cleaning tools. Keep your home at the perfect temperature throughout the year with the high-tech, programmable, and app-powered Nest thermostats, and play your favorite music through the Sonos speaker systems installed in several of our homes. Finally, step out onto the private patio or balcony and enjoy the fresh air and great views of Houston.

Find the right balance of beauty and bliss at Alexan 5151. Take a tour of our Houston luxury apartments today to see our amazing amenities.