Luxury One Bedroom Apartment with the A6 at Alexan 5151

When looking for a luxury apartment in Houston, especially on your own, finding the right place is going to involve looking over plenty of options, with various locations, amenities, interiors, floor plans, and the like. However, usually during this search, a particular place will stand out and just click. It’ll feel right, the perfect balance of luxury, necessity, location, and convenience. For many, that feeling will occur right here at Alexan 5151, and in your search for a one bedroom to customize and decorate all on your own, the perfect one bedroom apartment floor plan for you just might be our own A6


On entry, A hallway will lead you into your luxury apartment, and a doorway to the right will lead you to the guest accessible bathroom, keeping your privacy intact in the presence of guests. To the left is the door to the master bedroom, as well as the large closet, both of which together give you plenty of storage room and spacious quarters to decorate and furnish to your liking.  At the end of the hall the room opens up entirely, featuring a gourmet kitchen, fully prepared to handle any meal, and a large living and dining space capable of holding both a dining set and any and all living room furnishings that you could want, allowing you to really make the space your own. Past this finally is the balcony, a perfect space to step out, enjoy some fresh air, and see the gorgeous view of Houston that we provide you.


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