Peli Peli Galleria South African food

Peli Peli Galleria near Alexan 5151

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Peli Peli Galleria

Discovering the perfect restaurant is easy when you start with the best. Peli Peli Galleria is a great South African restaurant. The menu is as impressive as the decor. In their own words, “Our South African concept is an avant-garde blend of world cuisine and distinct cultural communities. A hearty handshake with the diverse flavors of the Rainbow Nation, our unique fare is more than delicious. Originally known as The Cape, South Africa fuses history and zest in an unrivaled melting pot of flavor and experience. True to our international origins, Peli Peli is inspired South African fare for the American palate. We offer signature South African favorites, wine pairings, and chef specialties, noteworthy small plates, and large fare, gluten-free and vegan-friendly options, locally roasted coffee beans, and regionally sourced ingredients, as well as Happy Hour specials, Half-price Wine Events, and mouth-watering selections for Brunch.” How often is amazing food close?

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