The Escape Hunt: Puzzles, Teamwork, and Fun Next to Home

Everyone loves that satisfying feeling of solving a problem, whether it’s working yourself out of a huge pile of to-do assignments in your office and finishing them all in due time, filling in that whole crossword puzzle, or even passing that level in a video game that gave you so much trouble before. One entertainment spot near Alexan 5151’s luxury apartments takes you one step further, giving a fully immersive puzzle-solving game to complete with your loved ones guaranteed to make anyone’s day.

The Escape Hunt Experience in Houston is one of many escape room resorts in the city, and it’s the highest ranked on TripAdvisor this year so far. It’s located downtown, only seven miles away from our luxury apartments, and can easily be reached by car or taking the bus. For those not familiar with how escape rooms work, it’s a fully interactive scenario room in which you and a group of friends – up to eight people in many cases – must find clues and solve puzzles in under sixty minutes. Right now, the Escape Hunt Experience features three different room scenarios: the Murder of Marylebone, in which you solve an old-fashioned murder case with ciphers and clues; the Theft of the Texas Lone Star, in which you must rush to recover the artifact from a group of thieves; and Houston, We Have a Problem, in which you simulate the infamous Apollo 13 control room and guide your astronauts back home safely. Each of these rooms can be booked in advance online, ranging from $30-$38 per person.

Test your brains while having a blast at Alexan 5151. Browse through our beautiful luxury apartments in Houston today, and then book a room at the Escape Hunt Experience to challenge you and your friends to a unique adventure.