Two-Bedroom Luxury Apartments with a Friend at Alexan 5151

When looking for a place to call home with a roommate, many things must be discussed about what you both are looking for and what can be compromised on. There are some things you shouldn’t have to compromise on though, such as space and amenities. Here at Alexan 5151, our two-bedroom luxury apartments offer both, making it easier on both of you.  A perfect floor plan when moving in with a roommate with us is the B1.


The B1 is stunning from the moment you enter, giving you an astounding view over the kitchen and living room, right out over the balcony to gorgeous views of Houston. The kitchen is modern, with sleek setting and the means to make anything from the most basic to the most complex meals. The living space has enough room for hosting guests, housing a dining set, as well as couches, a large TV, and anything you could want to decorate the space and make it your own. To the right is bathroom access which can be entered without invading the bedroom area, ensuring privacy. Through this bathroom is the walk in closet space, while in the other bedroom the walk in closet is between the bedroom and bathroom.  Both bedrooms are very spacious and provide enough room to express your tastes and styles at ease. Finally, the perfect space to relax and unwind with some air is the balcony, which offers gorgeous views and is accessed from the living area.


To see more like the B1 two-bedroom luxury apartments, as well as our other various floor plans, amenities, and neighborhood, feel free to come by our leasing office and see exactly what Alexan 5151 can do for you.