Unbeatable Apartments in Houston with Alexan 5151

When you look for apartments in Houston, undoubtedly a big perk of choosing such a location is all the things to do nearby, however, you have to really weigh your options and ask questions to find the right place. Questions like what part of Houston you want to live in, how close to work you need to be, whether or not you want a roommate, what sort of amenities you want, and what kind of floor plan you need. Once you have this all figured out you can see that the best place to live in Houston if you’re after a luxury apartment is Alexan 5151, where we provide the best community amenities for those days that you don’t feel quite like straying far from home, but you don’t want to stay in either.


For starters, most of us like to start our days with a nice hot cup of coffee, and for mornings when you have to rush, we provide a coffee bar where you can grab a cup before you leave, as well as anytime a coffee, seems right. For those who like to break a sweat, we provide a fitness center where you can burn calories on your own time and at your own pace! For some of us, work can follow us home, and for those times there is the business center where you can put your nose to the grindstone and finish all the projects that need your attention.


To see more of our amenities and features, please feel free to drop by our leasing office today to see exactly what our luxury apartments in Houston Uptown area can provide you, right here at Alexan 5151!