Amazing One Bedroom Apartment in Houston at Alexan 5151

When thinking of finding yourself a new one bedroom apartment in Houston, it can be a long process to find exactly what you’re looking for. Do you want to share rent with a roommate or fly solo? What sort of amenities are you looking for? What area of Houston meets your needs? Once you’ve answered these sort of questions then the answer should be clear, as Alexan 5151 is your best spot for a luxury apartment, and if you’re after a one bedroom floor plan here in Houston, then we have you covered with our amazing A2 floor plan, located in an amazing and upscale Houston neighborhood.


With our A2 floor plan, you get near 700 square feet all to yourself, which is spacious and roomy and gives you enough space to work with the event guests decide to visit. Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by both the dining area and kitchen, perfectly suited for everything from midnight snacks to full blown dinner parties, as well as the kitchen is perfectly suited to make everything and anything from small meals to gourmet courses. Past this is the living area, spacious enough for any furnishings and decor you see as fitting. Further back is the balcony, which will provide you amazing views of Houston and a breathtaking escape from the Texas weather. Back inside we have a bathroom with guest access to ensure your privacy.


To see more of our one bedroom apartment in Houston floor plans, features, and amenities, or to ask us any questions you may have about us, please feel free to drop by our leasing office today to see exactly what we have in store here at Alexan 5151!