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Conquer Chores at Our Houston Apartment Community

No one likes to do chores – they’re tedious, they take up more time than you’d like, and they always multiply when you least need it – but we get them done anyway to ensure a happier way of life. Our luxury apartment community at Alexan 5151 helps you with your errands by offering a plethora of amenities that will save you precious minutes of time, allowing you to use them however you want.

To begin with, no longer do you have to nervously wait at your front door for an upcoming package or worry when an expected delivery goes missing. Our secure package locker concierge service lets you pick up online orders and gifts at any time. Need a quiet corner to finish up an office project from the comfort of home, or a nice meeting place for you and your co-workers? Our...

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Houston Apartments for Work and Play

The key to a happy life is the balance between excitement and effort: if you have too much work, you feel exhausted and drained, but if you don’t work enough then all those great moments in life don’t feel quite as genuine or earned. Here at Alexan 5151, our Houston luxury apartments help you find balance in your daily schedule, and our great amenities are tailored to aid in any errand or...

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A5-M: Houston Mezzanine Apartments That Rise Above Expectations

An elevated spot gives you a new dose of perspective, whether you’re simply looking out from a second-story window looking out at the backyard, or you’re standing at the ledge of a great mountain slope admiring...

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Premier Sushi in Uptown Houston Texas

Japanese cuisine offers a unique taste that everyone deserves to try at least once. Even if you’re not fond of the idea of eating raw fish, such as in the case of their world-renowned nigiri, there are several other delicious plates and entrees to enjoy while at the local sushi bar. Our luxury apartments at Alexan 5151 stand close to the heart of uptown Houston, which means that you’re...

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Houston Apartment Community

Weekend Delight in Our Houston Apartment Community

Saturdays and Sundays are considered to be the best days of the week. With no work at the office, many folks are free to enjoy to cut down their errands, relieve some pent-up stress, or simply relish in the company...

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