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Steak & Wine Like No Other Near Your Luxury Houston Apartment

Finding the perfect place to enjoy your new luxury lifestyle begins when you choose life at the Alexan 5151, luxury Houston apartment homes. Indulge yourself in a suite of premiere luxury apartment features and community amenities that you and your friends will love. Find just the right space when you choose from among a suite of premiere layouts and floorplans. Luxury and fun don’t have to end at your front door. Treat yourself and your friends to your new neighborhood and a host of dining and entertainment venues that are sure to please. Your new life begins as soon as you make your move to the lifestyle you want.

In the words of an adoring fan “Tango & Malbec. Dancing and wine. Two pretty awesome things. The restaurant is located in a shopping center in the Galleria...

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A Warm, Welcoming Houston Apartment Community

When finding a great luxury apartment to settle in, you want to find one that does more than just give a nice place to live in and a great location close to your work and fun attractions. Our luxury Houston apartment...

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Houston Apartments with Amazing Style

A little décor goes a long way in making your apartment into a beautiful home, so it goes without saying that our luxury Houston apartments at Alexan 5151 make for incredible artisan homes for any resident. Our modern and stylish amenities allow you to settle in with great ease, bring an aesthetic and tactile comfort for you and your guests every time you step through the...

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Impressive One Bedroom Houston Apartments

Our luxury apartments at Alexan 5151 hold more than just the basics of living, more than just a bathroom sink, a kitchen counter, some walls, and enough space to rest in. Every part of our homes – from our...

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Horror, Haunted Houses, and Happiness at Houston

The scares of Halloween are back once more. It’s time for donning your costumes, grabbing your handy candy bag or pillow case to hunt for treats, and to prepare for the things that go bump in the night. Here at...

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