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Enjoy The West End Near Alexan 5151

Finding a certain bar or restaurant that you really love and that you feel entirely comfortable in is a rare find. Finding one close to your home is even rarer. With Alexan 5151, we offer a candidate for just such a place only a short trip from our location, that will surely please you and make you feel at home, even being so close to your actual one. This place is The West End Pub.


Since 2012, The West End has strived to be one of the best American Pubs in Houston, offering delicious food and a wide variety of whiskeys and on tap craft beer to accompany it. As often as possible, they use locally sourced ingredients and drinks, making the establishment a true taste of Houston food culture, all while being exceedingly close to our premises. However, what truly...

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A Houston Apartment Community Where you can Trim the Tree and the To-Do List

The holidays are right around the corner, and while they are a symbol of utter joy and the goodness that humanity shares as a whole, getting there can be a hassle. Many stores are packed to the gills with customers...

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High-Tech Houston Apartment Amenities for All

There’s a lot of awesome technology these days, ranging from the generally practical to the intricate web of information that exists online. Most tasks that had to be done by hand could now be done automatically...

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Two-Bedroom Apartment Full of Comfort

Life’s often a gamble; you can plan and dream out your life as much as possible, but sometimes it has a habit of throwing you off your course – for better or worse – and keeping you on your toes. It’s like playing darts and hoping to get the bulls-eye while blindfolded. As chaotic as your own life can get, it helps to have a concrete setting to keep you grounded, a place to return to...

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Chama Gaucha Great Food near your Alexan 5151 Home

We’re right in the middle of Fall now; it’s time for the temperatures to finally drop to chilly levels, for the morning dew to turn into frost as the air gets below freezing at night, and to pull those nice...

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