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Luxury Apartments in Houston

Finding the right home often means discovering a true balance of luxury inside, and outside, your new luxury apartment home. This balance is exactly what you will find in the luxury community and apartment amenities that are unique to the Alexan 5151, luxury apartment homes in Houston Texas. Beyond features that go beyond your imagination, you can enjoy them inside floorplans that offer plenty of space with layouts that let you live the life you have always dreamed of. Waiting just around the corner, is a neighborhood you can be proud to show your friends with a spectacular night on the town. The life you have always wanted is waiting for you.

You should expect the same attention to detail and personal comfort in the community features outside your door, as the ones you enjoy...

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Upscale Uptown Houston Luxury Apartments

Beginning to enjoy the life of luxury you richly deserves starts with choosing the right place to live. When you make your move to the Alexan 5151 luxury apartment homes in Houston Texas, you have taken your first steps into a larger and luxurious world. Enjoy premiere luxury apartment and community amenities that are full of the features that overflow with personal comfort and enjoyment....

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An Awesome Houston Mezzanine Studio

Mezzanines are a great way to diversify your apartment home, offering you that extra floor of space to customize however you like. It’s perfect for larger families who may need the space for beds, a vocational worker that likes to tackle their work assignments from the comfort of home, or someone who just wants more. Here at Alexan 5151, our mezzanine luxury apartments allow you to find the...

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Comedy, Cuisine, and Cool Grooves in Houston

Laughter is considered by many as the best medicine. While there’s no miracle cure to be found in a single joke, a single good delivery or the ability to enjoy jokes with your loved ones can turn a bad day into a...

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Summer Fun at Our Houston Apartment Community

The first days of summer are finally upon us: it’s time to roll out the beach towels, prep up the grills, prepare the sun and bug protection, and to enjoy the evenings with a loud cascade of fireworks or a subtle...

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