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"Great location, nice amenities. Parking is not an issue and is free! I wish the butterfly mx screen was around the complex more, because its also a nice system."
"Amazing staff with a beautiful property. I’m so excited to experience the amenities send big pools. This was my perfect introduction to Houston"
"it’s really nice here and i thought i’d be scared to live alone but i feel really safe. the noise isn’t too much for me or my cat and the amenities are impressive."
"I have been here a year and a half. The property is not bad. The carpets do need cleaned in building 1 facing Hidalgo very badly. Parking , the property is doing what they can to enforce parking violators . Could be better and could be worse ."
"Noisy neighbor upstair....constantly hearing footstep above my head. Loud music ams loud mouth neighbor next door balcony ... didn’t hear him lately...maybe he moved or his girlfriend kicked him it’s been quiet. Nice view overlooking the pool. Noise level is acceptable - not loud."
"Other than the walls being thin and being able to hear footsteps of those whom live upstairs, its quit alright. The staff is great. The cleanliness and general upkeep of the property is nice, too."
"Love the amenities always working and in great condition. The staff is friendly and available most of the time. WOULD LOVE IF YOU GUYS CAN ADD A KICKBOXING BAG FOR THE GYM!!! :)"
"Everyone in the community has been really sweet. And if there ever any repairs to be done, the staff has been proactive. A definitely give the Alexan 5151 5 stars."
"Best experience that I’ve ever had looking for a new community to stay. The staff is amazing and must be truly a reflection of great management. I feel like I’ve found my home away from home!"
"Very nice, luxury apartments that are very conveniently located in the Galleria area, with lots of shopping and restaurants nearby. Great amenities, nice staff!"
"Management is unwilling to help out residents when unforeseen circumstances happen. Got a new job in a different city & management is stubborn & unwillingly to negotiate even in the slightest bit regarding the total amount of the fee or either ways to make that payment(split up into months). I said I could provide an extra month of notice in addition to the 60days, but that’s not an option. Especially in these times you would think they would try & understand that most people can’t afford to pay what equates to 4months rent in a 2 month period, but clearly this proves they do not care about their residents. I would give zero stars but that’s not an option."
"Elevators are dirty. Need better maintenance schedule around the clock. More signs to let pets owners to be more courteous toward other tenants. Staff are nice."
"It was a great privilege to be in this beautiful community.... I love every bit of it thank.... I love the amenities great leasing officers... I’m happy to be here"
"Very clean property and beautiful landscaping. I travel all across the country and this by far is one of the nicer apartment complexes that I have seen. I work at Hospitality so I am very critical of the places that I visit."
"I have enjoyed staying here. It has been around 2 years and loved it here. The residents and the people in office are great. Have a good relation with the neighbors."
"This place is not just stunning and brand new looking, well maintained, what makes it a rock star is the TEAM!! They are over & beyond to attend to your every request, pleasure to deal with and they patiently listen too .. they make you feel right at home ! Plus any service or maintenance issues are handled with a jet speed , always.., i m so glad i chose to live here over Waterwall .."
"My boyfriend and I absolutely love our unit on the 4th floor. We signed with Alexan 5151 because our floor-plan is extremely spacious and we have a beautiful view of the pool. The floor to ceiling windows captured us immediately. Leo was outstanding during our tour and move-in process. He answered every single question and made this process enjoyable."
"Complex is clean and the amenities are very nice. The office stuff is very helpful and accommodating, especially Leo! He has made the move very seamless."
"I love it here! Staff and residents are friendly, amenities are great and facilities are always clean and organized. Nice area with lots to do. Very happy :)"
"So far the community has been a nice and quiet atmosphere. Walking distance to shopping and restaurants. Overall, I have been enjoying my stay."
"Hello, my name is George I recently just moved in and so far everything has been fabulous. Great amenities and the people in the leasing office and other residents are all amazing."
"It’s been great! I love my apartment and the gum, the pool, etc. The staff and people are nice. Great location. Ready for summer! Good place to live!"
"Amazing place to live! I feel comfortable, safe and satisfied. I’m proud of my new home! I enjoy the amenities offered they make my lifestyle easier."
"Despite our new move, we are very satisfied with everything. a quiet, calm and peaceful apartment. everything is fine for now. I am sure it will get more beautiful as you experience"
"I enjoyed my pool view....surprising very quiet which I guess is due to COVID. The overall noise level is rather quiet; however, my immediate next door neighbor often play super loud music... As for maintenance calls, it was very timely handled."
"Tamika has been amazing! Went out of her way to show me the entire building amenities. Also showed me several units so that I can make a great decision. Also Jasmine has been great as well with assistance over the phone. The whole staff has been great."
"So far so good. Safe place to stay, more than enough parking spots, and great location. Office staffs are very friendly and professional. It’s a dog friendly community. Everything you need for your fur baby is on-site or around the corner."
"It’s been great! The place is maintained great and very clean. And I love my apartment! It’s pretty quiet for the most part. I really have no complaints!"
"It’s a great stay here, though the view is not good as expected. It’s a pity that the facilities are limited because of the covid. We can be better together."
"Great customer service, maintenance is fast for any issues. I only wish they keep up with elevators when they breakdown. And the cleaning aspect of it. Some residents let their pets go inside the elevators."
"Property is really going down. When I moved here year ago this was a beautiful property and we had a property mgr that really cared. Hallways stink and carpet hella nasty"
"I love living here except we NEVER have enough hot water and I don’t appreciate paying for reserved parking while other do not and continue to park In reserved spaces without any consequence."
"A years ago, this community was totally different of that is nowadays. I’ve found people smoking in the garage. The Corridors and elevators heavenly smelling weed (Cannabis). I can’t believe that been a non smoking community this things are allowed. This is not only my perception I have other friends that live here and can smell how the floor smell weed. Beside that, the fire alarm is irregularly working and making noise at early morning 7:30am without any notification. This didn’t happen one time, this happen repetitively this month. I really liked live here (3 years so far), but there are things that need to change/improve. I can’t understand why it changed for bad during last year."
"Overall it is a nice place to live but I'm really disappointed about 2 things. The first one is security because isn't great. On the other hand, I don't like how this building manage trash disposal. I already pay for trash disposal and also I also have to pay for a "trash valet" even when I don't use it at all and I think that that service is disgusting. I'm not a fan for trashes cans at the hallway and the smell. This should be optional not mandatory to pay."
"The fire alarms are concerning. They go off too often. Other than that everything so far is great. Maintenance is very fast and prompt. Safe here as well."
"Overall an okay place to live. Renewal came up and management was unwilling to negotiate renewal prices. Said there was a "range" of where my apt cost and of course offered the renewal at the most expensive. There was an apt with same exact same floor plan & view as mine but $100+ less than what I was paying, but management was not willing to offer the same. They claim that "commitment to our residents is our number one priorty", but clearly they only care about getting new residents rather than keeping/retaining their current residents."
"I just recently moved in however, not only am I in love with the community itself (floor plans, amenities) but the residents and staff are very nice as well."
"So far I had a great experience in this apartment. I have been here for 2 years and so satisfied with their service. I am thinking about staying here for another year."
"Great service so far, moving in next week. Jazmine was very informative and helpful with my leasing process and all the pertinent information to make it a smooth transition."
"My stay here ha been great and very convenient. The staff is always on call and very understanding when I comes to understanding the residents need and concerns. Great area in the post oak/ uptown area. It’s a great experience overall"
"It's a very nice place, close to the mall, friendly people and more. The pool is my spot to hangout, watch tv, work, and get my relaxing on ."
"My initial impression was amazing during the tour and for the most part it is. However, there is definitely room for improvement in the area of non leasing office cleanliness especially during COVID. The leasing office area looks and smells amazing then the resident hallways look like they haven’t been vacuumed in weeks. In addition, it is very unfortunate that ordering food for delivery can not be delivered to your apt door and you must go outside to get it since the access for visitors is only through the parking garage on a specified level and elevator, after the leasing office closes and good luck trying to explain those directions to a Postmates driver!!! On a positive note, the package delivery service “Fetch” works great and is so convenient even though it is a slight hassle explaining two different mailing addresses to people."
"Es un hermoso lugar y tiene una excellente ubicación, pero no es especialmente seguro ya que me ha tocado vivir un par de momentos de terror al llegar del trabajo (En la madrugada), y he visto en un par de ocasiones a personas tomando alcohol en la entrada del edificio lo cual habla mucho del tipo de personas que te puedes encontrar viviendo en este lugar, y por último, cobran por muchos conceptos que no te explican desde el inicio."
"We live living here, it's been great for us so far. The inside of the apartment is beautiful, and the balcony pool view is spectacular. The dog park is perfect for our pup, she already has a few friends. Great community!"
"Extremely friendly team members at Alexan!! The property is absolutely gorgeous. They made sure I was taken care of! Will absolutely recommend!!"
"needs updates but nice location and design scheme. Some features and amenities are nicely designed but falling apart. Currently have a fire alarm going off for more than 10 minutes with no notice which is a bit annoying especially if I had work. Hard for guest to visit without having to go downstairs and guide them."
"The staff is very friendly and patient while I asked to look at a few apartments around the community. Very hospitable and knowledgable about the questions and had provided feedback promptly."
"The community is nice it just isn't kept up as nicely as it could be. There is a lot of trash places. The staff isn't that helpful either. We keep having breakins as well."
"To much noise recently, the gym is really packed, to many thefts for a building that i considered pretty safe. No more coffee in the lobby, and seeing now the price of the other apartments I overpaid for 620 sq feet."
"I luv the area the previous management didn’t keep the garage area clean enough also I felt when pendemic accrued the management should been more better with the tenants on fees they gave us 15 dollars off for too months what’s 15 dollars also they lock the office all summer"
"This would be a 5 star review, but the ALEXAN owes me money for damage to my vehicle. As soon as they pay me, I will go back to doing 5 star reviews. It has been months."
"So far so good. Awesome apartment complex, great location, and super friendly staff. Not sure what the 1 star rating was all about, they were really nice to me as well as the people who came in after me."
"My experience with moving in was smooth ! And it was enjoyable . They staff had everything prepared and was very nice the day I moved in. My apartment was spotless!!"
"The most beautiful complex in the galleria area by far in Houston Texas. Management it’s great complex mantenimiento is excellent living here feel like heaven secure and safe alexan is the best"
"I love my apartment community! My neighbors on my floor are so friendly, and the apartment keeps everything so neat and safe for everyone! The level of security I get with my key fob and well lit parking garage and hallways makes me so happy! I really appreciate it! Not a lot of places have this!"
"I love it here. The building is peaceful and residents are friendly. The times I’ve had to speak with anyone in the leasing office have been pleasant; everyone is always very accommodating. Annique, the property manager was so sweet and helpful when I had some questions. I’m happy to be here. :)"
"I think the property itself is nice. I do feel a lot of residents are careless with the property and throw trash in the hall and treat it more like a dorm than a higher end apartment . But if you stuff 4 people in a $2k apartment that is only $500 a person a month . I feel the mix of residents has declined and I see a lot of questionable people roaming the property and halls . Kind of like I don’t live here or don’t pay so why should I respect the living space . Management has switched 4x since January with 0 explanation . Personal information of mine was given out in the phone confirming I was a resident and I fell that was a violation of privacy too. Only person I. Office who cares is Leo"
"Very nice set up I love the privacy this place gives you its very peaceful and quiet! Parking could be better but outside of that everything else is great!"
"First class support and service from Jasmine and Leonardo. I could be helped by better people The whole experience from start of inquiring through to ongoing support has been excellent nothing is to much trouble."
"We've had the pleasure of working with Jazmine and Tamekia and both ladies have been great throughout the leasing process. They've been helpful in answering all of my questions and helped us select the perfect unit for my family. Thanks ladies"
"I absolutely love the apartment so far the only downside would be the fetch delivering service I wish there was a way they could leave the package at the door it’s a little bit of an inconvenience to have to go and buy packages and to set aside two hours of my day to wait for a package other than that the community is awesome and I really enjoy living here"
"Loved the experience in moving in it was really fast and everyone is so friendly and humble. Would definitely recommend my friends and family ;)"
"Overall good. With shades of gray. Location is tops in Houston. You can literally walk across the street into the galleria. Residents aren’t wearing masks in the elevator and where staff has helped some with this. They could absolutely do more. Considering this could potentially be a life or death situation at the moment"
"Is been ok now after COVID-19. We have had 3 Managers in 2 years and each Manager was different causing the culture of the property to move away from Luxury Living. Guest are slowing visitors to parade the property without masks. Again the community We All In This Together.. is not here. There is still a deadly virus and it is still in our mist Today .."
"Really nice complex! Amazing amenities I’m just disappointed since the Starbucks machine still doesn’t work. Exceptional cleaning and leasing office personnel."
"Been here 1 month and so far loving it! Amenities are well kept and clean. Neighbors are nice. It is very quiet. And I love the look of my apartment and floor plan!! Definitely would recommend"
"Community should be better organized with more activities as covid situation allows. Community people living in Alexan should be fitting to good quality neighborhood."
"Although I haven’t lived here for that long, I’ve really enjoyed it so far! My apartment ended up being so beautiful and the pool at night is stunning!"
"Amazing place to live with good amenities, nice people, tons of fun, close to the Galleria, a lot of parking spots, two pools, knowledgeable staff members..."
"Unfortunately, this has not been the experience I was hoping for or expected when I signed my lease here. Issues I have experienced with this apartment community include the following: - The extra fees added onto the monthly rent statements is outrageous and higher than I’ve ever seen at any other apartment community - This community has taken away the residents option for packages to be left at their door which makes receiving mail extremely inconvenient and often times delayed - It took over 3 months and me asking multiple times to receive the gift card I was told I would receive at the time of signing my lease - This community is not convenient for visitors, as there is no way to give your visitor direct access into the building - The elevators have been broken 3 times in the last 4 months For these reasons, amongst others, I would not recommend this apartment to a friend."
"Great place to live! The apartments are really nice with great views and the people that live here are great! It’s location is perfect for anyone trying to be in the heart of Houston."
"It has been a good experience so far. I moved in the latter part of June. The maintenance request this far has been taken care of relatively ok in terms of timeliness. Some of the staff is rather friendly while others have attitude which carry over the phone. I just ignore it but she is blessed that she did not encountered me on my “off” day as I will guarantee to have the last word! Other than that, the experience so far is ok."
"I have been a resident of Alexan 5151 for the past two years and look forward to residing here for another year. Alexan 5151 affords very upscale living and is conveniently located close to restaurants and shopping. Management is also very attentive to the needs of residents."
"I really enjoy it here. The location is perfect. The community is really good. Their service is great and I am really satisfied. That is why I renewer my contract another year."
"Our experience here is been very good. The services, the amenities are very useful and well organized. The leasing office is always ready to help you, in particular I really appreciate the work of Leonardo. He's always available to help me. The only thing that I could say I don't like very much, is the new package service, fetch. It was better for me Package concierge. Faster and easier. Totally nice experience in a very beautiful place.!!"
"Very quiet all times of the day. The pool is lovely as well as the dog park. All of the residents are very nice. My apartment has ample amount of space exact what me & my fiancé were looking for. We love it here."
"Leo is the absolute best! He made our move in experience so easy and seamless. The facility is absolutely beautiful. Love living here. Maintenance responds very quick."
"Besides dealing with a noisy neighbor once in a while, these apartments are overall a nice place to live. The amenities are nice as well, and the staff is very friendly and nice"
"The staff are super friendly and definitely make living at the Alexan that much better. Love the pools and amenities, the people above me are a little loud but they’ve been better recently."
"Since COVID19, I feel the apartment didn’t do their due diligence in keeping the elevators clean, enough sanitizers or alcohol wipes. Other complexes I saw were a lot better."
"Love living here!!! New to Apartment living and don't think I could of made a better choice. The leasing staff and Maintenance staff have been incredible helping with move in."
"I have only been here at the Alexan 5151 for a week and the leasing staff have been nothing short of amazing. They were very helpful and informative from the very moment I showed interest. The property is beautiful, the amenities are super convenient, and I love my pool view apartment that Tameka worked so hard to get ready for me with such short notice."
"My experience living at Alexan 5151 still remains fantastic. But, I am dropping my rating down due to the lack of parking enforcement by management. This is specifically for EV drivers that live in the complex. Currently there are only two active charging spots, and two spots with no charging stations. I would like to see the property owners add additional EV stations as many of us EV drivers are fighting over the charging stations now. Also the handicap/ev spot needs to be re addressed. Non EV vehicles should not be parking here. I would like to see changes in the near future regarding this."
"Great so far! I recently renewed my lease and I am looking forward to staying another year here. I like the close proximity to the mall and amenities"
"So far, so good. I think I’ve made the best decision by coming to Alexan 5151. The leasing process was seamless and the agents were very helpful and organized. The community is well kept!"
"Leonardo was the best and helped make this entire leasing process as stress free as possible. I would recommend Alexan 5151 to anyone who is looking to move to the galleria area."
"We moved in a week ago, and everyone, both the staff and fellow residents, has been wonderful! The building itself is wonderfully maintained and beautiful! Also, the location couldn't be better for us!"
"Love the location and staff. The staff really cares and they always respond and are looking to make improvements. Maintenance and courtesy officer are 100% responsive. Diverse community which is a plus!! My only complaint is the noise and some people not wearing masks or letting dogs roam without a leash and jump on you while walking , but you will always see people not following rules ."
"Always enjoying myself here at Alexan 5151! Nothing to complain about!! The pool is such an amazing amenity with grills and a green egg!! :)"
"Have had a great experience! My time at the Alexan has been great. Front desk and Alexan group has been responsive and quick to answer any questions I have had. Also I appreciate the transparency and guidelines issued for Covid"
"I have enjoyed it for the most part, been here for almost three years and enjoyed it for the most part. Upstairs neighbors are extremely loud all the time though."
"I love it here so much! Had been searching for a nice apartment in the area and was super happy to come across Alexan 5151. Amenities are great, features are beautiful and everyone in the leasing office is helpful and friendly. Thank you guys! :)"
"Value is good given the apartment location and amenities. The biggest two criticisms are related to community noise (due to infrastructure design) and recent burglary."
"I Love my new apartment!The staff has been very helpful and I would highly recommend this Alexan 5151 to others. Looking forward to learning more about the area."
"the apartment itself is good but... I can ear my neighborhoods on the upper floor walking a lot and even when speaking, the pool is not at the best, the elevator hit the wall during the night and wakes me out sometimes."
"Great location, central to a lot of different restaurants and accessible to the main freeways. We enjoyed our first floor unit with the high ceilings, modern features, and sleek finishes. The amenities are always clean, and the resort style pool is huge and beautiful."
"I love it here!! Specially now that we have a new team at the leasing office, they promptly resolve any issues and the are going above and beyond to ensure that everything is ok."
"It has been a smooth and pleasant experience so far. We are looking forward to maintenance swiftly addressing the issues identified on the apartment walkthrough checklist."
"Great apartment environment, leasing office staff. Awesome amenities and just great overall leasing experience. 10/10 would recommend to people"
"Only one thing as of now is the very loud stomping above my unit. If this particular this was to cease, my review would easily be fine stars"
"I love my apt here at alexan 5151. My living experience here, is ok. I don’t have to much bad to say but I definitely feel that the upkeep is not good . The hallways stay smelling . I think they should go automatic air freshener to go in the hallways and shampoo carpet more frequently.."
"I really like my apartment: tall ceiling gas stove, big Walk-in closet! Also The amenities Are great! I hope everything will be back to normal soon"
"So far, so good! Aside from safety concerns from break-ins, I have been enjoying the community. Especially thankful for the clean environment."
"Living here it’s really cool because the community has a lot of great amenities and the resident environment is really pleasant to be in. The resistentes are really friendly and helpful with each other making the community much better to live."
"Luxury and convenient living location! Great and helpful leasing agents. Up to date gym, theatre, pool, lounge, community business center, and pool area!"
"I’m loving my experience with the Alexan apartments. Safe community and quick response for maintenance. I definitely give the Alexan 5 stars."
"This was pre-Pandemic and I noticed 80% of the residents have left. Now, since I first moved to the Community in 2018, alot has changed and this Luxury community has been downsized. The rent has increased and any adjustments from the pandemic have been applied after the fact."
"Terrific place to live. Tamekia and Leo are great employees. They have gone above and beyond to make my transition to Houston seamless. I enjoy living here."
"More transparent and clear communication is needed regarding criminal and Covid pandemic updates. General experience is good, but security has to be provided."
"The staff is incredible, I appreciate the cleanliness, and amenities are great. The sound quality however is really poor. I can hear everything, from walking to conversations to music blasted"
"Nice facility, could be overpriced for the amenities. Wish there were more free events for residents. Could be a nicer gym for how much rent is here"
"It was a very nice apartment complex, clean and safe when we first moved in last summer. However, with the new management, I feel like the cleanliness and the safety has gotten worse, and with the pandemic going on and now an increase of crime occurring in the parking garage, and with apartments being broke into, the management needs to step up to improve the community."
"Good and convenient place to live! Staff is very nice and reply very fast to service. Especially the community police officer. Very good place"
"I have enjoyed my time here for the most part. My disappointment comes with TCR management company. Wish they actually cared about the people lining their pockets."
"This is a great place to live, super safe and close to everything from groceries to restaurants and parks. It is very clean and management and maintenance are always helpful and prompt."
"Great place to live! Everyone is friendly and the extra security steps to get in the community helps everyone feel safe. Location is also a plus!"
"Love living here! Perfect location, great amenities! The rooms are very spacious and the place is the best priced in the area. Highly recommend living here!"
"I love the complex and all the wonderful amenities they have to offer. One of the best apartment fitness centers I’ve seen. The finishes inside the apartments are also gorgeous"
"The re-cleaning request was satisfactory. The lady did a good job of cleaning the areas I pointed out that needs to be re-clean. Thank you."
"Nice community. I enjoy living here. It has a nice view to the street and the location is really good. The management is really nice and they always smile."
"Lived here for a year and half now and once in awhile there is a loud neighbor you have to deal with. But other than that, having an overall great experience."
"Living at Alexan has been great. Management is phenomenal and been a huge help when needed. Community is beautiful and peaceful minus one bad experience. Management helped us through that though so it gave us relief that we can count on them."
"I recently submitted a work request and it was done on the same day! Very happy with how quick they responded! Quick maintenance and reply!!"
"I like the location and I like the complex. I like the diversity of residents and overall everything is positive. I do not like the thinness of the walls and the careless nature of some of my neighbors... but you would probably find that anywhere ."
"Worst experience ever. Have called the police due to noise violations on an every other week basis since I moved in. Moved in had to warm water for 4 days, another time no light for 4 days, the leasing agents offer no solutions and I spend so much time down there fixing things that know one ever has an answer or solution for that I should be on payroll. It’s always a “we will have the property manager call you” which is now a joke. For the $3k+ I spend you couldn’t pay me to continue to live here after the hell I've been put through."
"Alexan 5151 is the prime property to live. Exclusive location in Uptown Houston, beautiful property, amazing staff and management team. My experience at Alexan has been truly amazing."
"Overall, it is a nice complex to live it at. However, the dog park is typically filthy, halls smell like weed and the walls are super thin. Staff is friendly!"
"Wonderful experience living here! Great location, high quality appliances, and fantastic staff and maintenance! Highly recommend this apartment to anyone looking to live in the Uptown/galleria area!"
"I love my apartment. The staff is great. Surrounding area and environment is awesome. Lots of amazing amenities and services and everything is always well maintained and kept up to date"
"This is a great location but it has been going downhill until the crisis. As soon as the crisis hit, all of the sudden this place was clean. I hope it stays this clean from here on and they keep the amenities clean too. The dog park was uncleaned for weeks until the crisis. I hope it stays like this in the future."
"Good looking building, staff has taken the time to clean up and make necessary repairs around the site. Package delivery system is a bit weird though and the floors and walls are thin"
"I am so thrilled with the apartment complex !!! They are very clean and their employees are always ready to answer your needs. I hope it is always like this !!!!"
"This is my second week living here at Alexan 5151 and I absolutely recommend this place for living. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help.."
"Love it here at Alexan. Staff great!!! Neighbors are great!!! I love the socia.We have amazing amenities on the property. I wish they could put a deodorizer in the hallways and shampoo the carpet in the hallways."
"It’s very nice and my kids love walking to the mall since we stay close by it. The people are nice and the food spots are dope/easy to get to if you don’t want to drive"
"Great experience! Helpful staff ! Nice quite place to live! My first apartment experience in a long time but it’s great! Love it! Amenities are very nice and always clean!"
"After 2 weeks of living here, my initial review of this community have been both positive and negative. My Concerns: For future residents, be aware of the monthly $25 Amenity Fee. Although disclosed upfront, I feel this fee doesn't pay for nor support any actual amenities. Management needs to get rid of the Amenity Fee as I feel it just covers up and hides charges under the guise of an "Amenity Fee". Instead, itemize each "actual" items/services that this fee is suppose to cover in my monthly statement. Also, neither of my past 2 apartments, also located in Houston and both very comparable to this community, charged any type of Amenity Fee. Secondly, be aware that there is another $20~$25 monthly charge (charged by CenterPoint Energy) just to use the gas stove/oven per apartment. This charge does NOT include the actual gas usage per apartment. Utility charges are considerably cheaper if the community changed to all electric. Lastly, I feel large pets should be confined to certain apartment floors as the concrete floors provide zero noise insulation between floors (I can hear every step of my neighbor above me as well as his dog's toenails digging into the concrete floors). Noise levels here are considerably louder than my previous 2 Houston apartments. The Good: the leasing staff (they do they're best to make you feel at home), the kitchen farmer's sink (washing pots is now a breeze), the tenants (very friendly, with friendly pets), and the location (close to shopping, which was one of the main reason I chose this community to be my home)"
"I moved in at the end of February and love my apartment. It is very nice location with shopping nearby. I love Nordstrom and can now walk right across the street. The office staff and maintenance have been very responsive and helpful."
"It’s been great so far! Love this apartment and the location is very very ideal for myself and my boyfriend! Would highly recommend this place!"
"The staff is super friendly and helpful and the amenities at the complex are amazing. I love the location and the nest thermostat is cool to control from wherever."
"Gas leaks... Other than that and a couple of other mishaps in my room. I am very happy here! All the staff are very friendly and helpful too."
"Cozy and relaxing,I love the atmosphere here, I enjoy sitting in the Club room and have a coffee. Looking forward to joining the gym and the swimming pool as well :)"
"Very good place to live. Friendly people and very well maintained building. Spacious apartments and very close to the Galleria Mall. Would lease again."
"I’ve only been here a week but everything at the Alexan thus far has been first class! I’m very proud to call this complex home. Thank you for making my move from Seattle so smooth."
"Really disappointing that this new package service is being forced on us with no explanation. Emails are not being answered and no one in the office has any knowledge of the new process whatsoever. It would be nice to understand how we're supposed to get packages sent to us from work, family, etc. How do you force us to use a new "amenity" without altering our lease? We at least deserved the courtesy of advanced information sessions...even an FAQ document would have been nice."
"The staff is friendly, helpful and attentive. The building is well maintained and the amenities are some of the best offered in the city. It’s right in the heart of everything so there’s always something to do right near by!"
"Great location and the staff is friendly. Amenities are top notch! Appliances are are high quality. Community is full of welcoming people. Parking is the only thing I would improve."
"Overall great amenities, including a nice pool and lounge area. Upstairs neighbor can be noisy at times but other than that, so far so good."
"Terrible staffing in office. Unorganized has lost all my initial documents and lease upon move in. Had maintenance men come in unannounced without any service request while I was undressed. The manager never follows up or makes any of these problems right. No one can answer as to these major issues. Lights were out for 4 days, didn’t have hot water for the first 5 days we moved in, and the list goes on."
"Great place and best management i am really happy over here highly recommended to move in if anyone interested contact me I’ll hook u up with best guy here"
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