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"Everything is good except the parking garage floors where they are super dirty and smells urine from dogs . Specially the area next to elevator b1"
"I am generally very satisfied with the quality of life in this community. The administrative and management personnel are very supportive and efficient. The community is diverse in conduct; like everywhere, a few individuals do not value the need for quietness, cleanliness, and organization. Luckily, they come and go quickly."
"I have enjoyed the apartment. It is clean and modern and feels safe. Maintenance is also very responsive and helpful. I would recommend this place to a friend."
"the stairwells constantly have dog poop everywhere. hallways and entrances have puddles of dog piss. loud barking can be heard at various hours but only enforced quiet hours are during the night"
"The apartment complex itself, and the staff are great. The apartments are modern, and so are the amenities. The tenants are young and nice. However, they do not pick up after their dog's waste and leave the common areas very dirty."
"The location is great to live in, I just wish we had more resident events to go to. There have been maybe 3 or 4 in the last 2 years I've been here"
"def not renewing, building has just went downhill, was great at first, just not up to my standard anymore. alot can improve here at alexan 5151."
"Overall great place. Still trying to decide if I want to renew, however. The walls are super thin and the neighbor downstairs on floor 2 has speakers which should be banned so I can never enjoy peace and quiet like I want in MY apartment because if he's up those loud speakers are blaring down the 2nd floor hall and from the bottom of my unit. Secondly, because the elevators are extremely slow, many of us take the stairs. There's always dog pee and/or poop in the stairwell. It's been some time since I've been in an apartment but I don't remember having these problems at any other complex."
"Great residency.. Love how it’s tucked away from the main street. Adds another level of peace and quiet to the neighborhood. Great amenities as well."
"Stairwell by the dog park looks like it's never been washed. Always smells. The parking garage floors near the elevator also need serious power washing. It's so embarrassing to bring guests here."
"The elevator closest to Sage on Hidalgo has been out for a month, it should not take this long to get it fixed. This makes getting groceries extremely annoying and much more difficult for seniors that can not walk very well."
"Amazing place love the proximity to work and not to mention how much I love my view from my window overseeing the beautiful uptown galleria!"
"The only thing that is disappointing is the pools. They are both about 3ft deep only. It would be nice to have at least 1 pool that’s deeper."
"Was given a different rate than what I signed up for. Elevators do not work, only 2 are working. Still do not have gas on as there's a freeze taking place this weekend."
"It’s OK place to live easy access to the major freeways and easy access to the galleria for shopping. The office management are very helpful when they’re needed."
"There has been too much noise in the community, but the location is great. I wish the staff was more responsive to requests made through email."
"I moved into this community few months back and have been thoroughly impressed with the exceptional amenities it offers. The pool provides a refreshing oasis for residents to relax and unwind. It is the perfect place to spend lazy afternoons or weekends with friends and family. The movie theater screen room is a fantastic addition, offering a cozy and comfortable setting for residents to enjoy the latest films. The resident lounge is another highlight, providing a stylish and inviting space for socializing, working, or simply unwinding. And the gym is one of the best with all the equipments providing a wonderful experience."
"The staff do not respond to emails. The walls are very thin so you can hear the noise above you and an on both sides. I do, however, love the location near the galleria."
"The Alexan has been nothing but great! The staff made my move incredibly easy. Maintenance is very quick to respond. Building is super safe and secure."
"Multiple AC issues, constantly broken elevator, car damages in the garage ! Issues with mail delivery, strangers in the building. Weed smoking people and many other exciting things!!!!"
"I really love the large 2 bedroom apartments. So much space. The location is amazing. The pools are so beautiful ❤️. The neighbors are friendly and the neighborhood is safe. Plenty of parking space. Nice and new apartments."
"Everything is great, the staff is very attentive. The only issue are the elevadors that are most of the time broken, other than that I really love everything here."
"Very nice apartments in a pretty good location. There are things I would change, however it’s a great place to live all things considered! Happy with my choice."
"Initially we had an issue with an upstairs neighbor, but once we were moved to the 5th floor we have had nothing but a great time, with a pool view and other great amenities."
"New management is better than the old ones. It's safer but those elevators keep breaking down every 2 weeks. It's a nice community and I never had any issues."
"Overall, it’s been a good experience living here for a year and a half now. The only thing needing improvement is the maintenance of the building. The garage and entrances of elevators are disgusting. Trash chute is also gross and never cleaned. We talk about about this apartment being luxurious, nothing about the cleanliness of the apartment says luxurious to me."
"Just moved in. Nice place and Jennifer made the moving process very awesome. Still need to understand how the community works though. I hope we will be able to enjoy all the amenities."
"I enjoy the amenities at my apartment, along with the changes the new management team has implemented. Since they have taken over there have been several new community events, and the addition of internet within the lease is a huge plus! I’m now saving money compared to paying internet on my own."
"The experience isn’t bad there are smalls that could be fixed but overall the living experience isn’t bad and the community of people are nice."
"The garbage rules not very good I left small cardboard box by the trash chute and was reprimanded . Electric charging spots, time limit not enforced. I see the same car parked for 24 hours"
""Absolutely stellar apartment! The invisible butlers are a game-changer, and the walls that occasionally talk to you provide a unique and entertaining experience. The floor creaks like a symphony, and the mysterious stains add a touch of avant-garde art. 11/10, would recommend to lovers of the extraordinary!""
"Apartments have amenities and appliances. Some quirks with floor plans and trying to fit furniture. Good and quick maintenance requests. Close to a number of restaurants and stores."
"Love the apartment and the amenities, wish people were more responsible for their pets and this place would be perfect, would recommend to a friend."
"I love the property and living here. The Team is also very helpful and responsive. The location is perfect with tons of restaurants and shopping. Great amenities and covered parking. I love the fact that it’s easy for my guests to park as well."
"Good safety and convenience 😊 Quiet and nice people, the staffs are nice and helpful! Near shopping and water wall falls that you feel relaxed and cool 😎"
"A lot of times there is dog pop in the stairs, and also my neighbors are loud most of the times, playing loud music. The elevators are also broken most of the time. During the weekend is when the apartment complex gets the most filthy."
"The building and amenities are great, love the maintenance guys they are on top of it!! But the leasing staff is horrible!!! Outside of the leasing staff the community is really nice!"
"Living here has been super nice. I love my unit and the area. The building management has been trying hard to improve things I can see their effort. Everyone is super friendly!"
"Really nice area. Complex had everything to be an amazing place but lacks on cleanliness and basic housekeeping. Maintenance team is great. Leasing team could be friendlier."
"We are continuing to enjoy living here at the Alexan! The location is very convenient and we feel safe. Our unit gets great natural light and is the perfect size."
"There has been more issues with elevators and gates, as well as residents trashing the place and smoking various things. Otherwise, we do enjoy our stay here. We’ve been here for years, but it used to be better and more secure. There’s a lot to improve on. I would be more than happy to share."
"Jennifer at the leasing office is amazing !!! They are amazing help with whatever you need and super kind as well !!! Glad to have found my forever home"
"Good for the most part. I can’t say it’s perfect because there’s a lot of issues with cleanliness or elevators not working, but other than that, it’s one of the best apartments i’ve lived at."
"I am loving it here, its a great place to stay. More than happy to say I am willing to stay more than I expected. The amenities, area, locality everything is just perfect"
"Love the response times from staff. Everyone seems pleasant and happy to be here. The hallways seem to be cleaner as far as less trash near the chutes and dog poop not being picked up by pet owners. Love it here!"
"It’s been okay, have had a lot of issues with appliances not working but maintenance comes and fixes them quickly. For the amount I am paying in amenities fees they are not worth it, the pool is very dirty and the gym could use some work."
"Been living here for awhile. It’s been a lot of changes and increases in pricing and less services. Example- if a dog pees on an elevator, it’s there for a long time. It used to get cleaned faster. I’m cool with staying here though."
"The ambiance in this community is impeccable. I love the amenities and the staff always are so pleasant. I would definitely come back to this community to live. The access to the Galleria Mall was the best"
"The management staff is always friendly and helpful. Alexan is a great place to live in easy access to the freeways. It is a lot of amazing food choices in the area all around five stars!"
"This apartment is in a great neighborhood. The amenities are great, but there aren’t many resident events. Also, the staff is unresponsive to emails."
"Thorough details on move in. Front desk is helpful in answering questions. Perhaps their hours might be skewed between two people between 9 and 6."
"Fairly smooth. Had some issues with parking registration and lost the opportunity for a warning because I didn't receive email registrations until I asked. Also, I wish I would've known how thin the walls are. Still trying to figure out which neighbor is blaring their TV through my wall at 2am in the morning."
"I love m’y new place , the staff is great I’m close to everything around here I can come home and relax so far great experience overall looking forward to try the pool"
"Is nice property , I love my studio. I like it because i feel safe on the property. The pools are beautiful and the hallways of the apartments are very clean."
"Really nice so far only one month in! The amenities are nice , the residents have been peaceful, and the staff have been helpful! I love it!"
"Great community location to live in! It’s proximity to my Job it’s super convenient! Sometimes I drive, sometimes I walk, I love living here at Alexan!"
"Poor management service and bad smell all around. I recommend to do a general cleaning and control smokers. Sometimes it smell really bad and we have a small daughter."
"Great community, all neighbors are nice and welcoming, it’s a party community but very respectful. I had nice neighbors welcoming me on moving day"
"My stay here till now is going excellent but just one issue that all my online things are not up to date yet so I can pay my rent plus my gas still pending ."
"The pool is really pretty but it gets pretty loud on some weekend nights around 10 or 11pm. Besides that it's a cool place to live, right next to the Galleria"
"Move in has been great, every simple and easy. The area is every nice and quite, the community areas are clean as well.Will recommend to family and friends."
"Enjoy living at the Alexan 5151. Friendly neighbors, and responsive staff. Only complaint is people leaving their trash in hallways near garbage shoot."
"The pool ls are absolutely lovely but there are parties late into the night. Other than that it's a pretty good complex all things considered"
"Community amenities and location is great. Apartment fixtures are high end. Very quiet community. Never have a hard time looking for parking for my self or guests"
"I love the staff and the community. This area is nice and I love my apartment. I’ve been here for almost 3 years and just like everything. You have your ups and downs. But overall… it’s been a blessing for me."
"Improvement’s definitely can be made towards the overall cleanliness of the complex. Cleaning the carpets in the hallway for example. The Amazon package center is not working. There’s been a few incidents recently of this. Either not working or too full to retrieve packages. There was an increase in the amenity fee. This is not reflected in the community."
"Very nice apartment community! Stays clean and quiet 85-90% of the time. The management team is no as involved as I am use to but the maintenance staff is very nice and responsive. Overall I enjoy living here."
"We have enjoyed living at the Alexan and have decided to renew our lease because of our positive experience. The location is very convenient and the floor plan is perfect for us."
"Having a safe and fun Community is something that always made an awesome environment to live in. Couldn't be more happy that we chose Alexan."
"Quick respond on my requests. Thanks for that. But sometimes delay on changing stuff cause by waiting on the orders . About the weekends, sometimes people stay out at the pools too late and talking very, very loud we can’t sleep ! About the hole way, the carpet is dirty and smell bad because people walk in and out to the pools sometimes get wet"
"The document review took a week, which was longer than expected also number of request for documentation in specific formats. Staff was helpful in getting stuff resolved."
"Very good experience thus far. Everyone has been very helpful. Anna was very good in helping me set everything up and working with me to start my account."
"Everything is perfect now. Thanks so much. Rooms are nice and large. Plenty cabinet space. The view is awesome. Several linen closets. The pool is nice."
"The unit was clean when I moved in. Had some problem with the circuit breaker in the kitchen but Anthony responded to it asap. Garage area is very accessible. I feel like it’s a safe neighborhood."
"I am new to Houston and Alexan 5151 staff has been beyond helpful. They are knowledgeable and the shared amenities are always clean and operational. It has been a great stay so far! An area of improvement would be timeliness with communication from property managers through email."
"Everything is great other than keeping people accountable for their pets, dog pee in pool lounge, by the first floor garage main elevator, staircase by the main exit gate, makes it smell so bad."
"Move in was easy. The area’s nice, and I’m close to work. I’m excited to go to one of the community events, hopefully there’ll be plenty of people to meet. Sometimes there’s a pretty strong weed smell in the hallways, but the scent they use helps keep it down. Great apartment."
"Love the staff, everyone is really friendly and caring. Amenities are amazing and always clean. Neighbors are also nice and caring. Would definitely recommend living here."
"I love the location and amenities. I wish the elevators were quicker and broke less often. It’s also hard to get in touch with the staff through email. I wish there were more community events."
"Everything has been nice. Everyone is accommodating, friendly, and professional. I have no complaints so far. It has been a positive experience"
"New owners are doing a good job. Office staff is helpful and less riff-raff hanging around the property. I renewed my lease and plan to stay awhile longer !"
"I enjoy this location! The swimming pool and barbecue areas are my favorite amenities. Typically, the younger crowd tends to appear on the weekends, but it is still a peaceful spot for families to relax and unwind."
"Alexan 5151 is an amazing place to live. You have easy access to all the major freeways. The office staff is always friendly and go above and beyond to resolve issues."
"I’ve enjoyed living here, I’ve never really had any issues here and pretty much everyone here is people friendly. The apartment is in a great location and is in convenience to everything."
"It was not good as I expected, the first day I did not have hot water at the shower, so I had to ask to be connected the next day, then I had problem with the air conditioning system that was solved one week after I arrived, now I am still waiting for the gas installation connection and inspection."
"Anyone else getting their packages stolen or missing? Management is slow in responding. Trash and roaches in the stairways. I’ve lived here 3 years and it just keeps going downhill in the building. I loved my unit though. Great view of people not picking up after their dogs"
"Great experience. I am thinking about renewing if they give me discounted price. The renewal rates are higher than the monthly price for new comers."
"The condo offer many amenities and its in a nice area with a park and a lake full of ducks. However lately we have been having security issues that concerns me. Additionally to that, they recently change the mail delivery service and we are facing issues with package delivery. Hopefully they will improve on these items soon."
"The resident experience is ultimately reflected in the overall satisfaction of individuals living in a particular place. It is influenced by a combination of the factors mentioned above, including living conditions, amenities, community engagement, management practices, and safety. When residents feel valued, comfortable, and connected to their community, their overall satisfaction and well-being increase."
"It’s pretty nice, just some things need to be maintained. The dog bath area is regularly really gross and the faucet lever needs to be tightened. I also wish the apartment had more events for the community. Like bringing food trucks over and things like that. We have such a nice area in front of the leasing office and it’s never used (as far as I know)"
"So far so good. no real issues. Only complaint are people not picking up after their dogs, and not enough charging stations. Staff was friendly and accommodating"
"Just moved in and had a couple minor maintenance issues and they have been very responsive. Leasing agents, not so much. Took way to long to get everything approved and go through the process. Often times, with unreturned phone calls or emails."
"Love the location and the building looks great. Maintenance always responds quickly to any issues I have had and the guys are always friendly."
"The area is cool to live in, I walk around the mall all the time. Floor plan is cool, I love how big the master bedroom is in the 2 bedroom floor plans!"
"Pleasant experience definitely will renew best location ever!!! Staff has been really nice. Love the access to the mall. The swimming pool area is always well maintained and the grills cleaned."
"Great amenities and convenient commute to and from work. Area has worked out great so far. Love being walking distance from shopping centers and dining places."
"Best place to live love the amenities. Central to everything mall across the street maintenance very professional and efficient apartments huge and clean"
"We have enjoyed living at the Alexan. We think the property is good value for the rent we pay with regards to the location, square footage and quality of our unit, and the building amenities. If we could improve one thing, it would be to have more EV chargers for cars in the parking garage - there are only 4 currently, and we are noticing more and more EVs needing to use them, making it hard to actually charge our car when needed."
"The staff is helpful and will do whatever it takes to make sure I am taken care of. The manager and staff are great When there is a need or concern, they make sure it’s handled in a timely fashion"
"I love this complex. Especially the amenities. My window faces the pool and the uplighting is beautiful at night if you’re into those kinds of things"
"absolutely terrible, on top of all the bad things that have happened, now maintenance is stealing items from apartments. I notified the office, zero response so far."
"The community is nice. Everyone always greets you in the elevator and tells you to have a nice day when they exit. Security handles situations fast. A homeless lady followed behind my wife and children into the complex and security handled the situation immediately. We feel safe on this property and we love that for our children. Knowing they are safe makes us feel comfortable."
"Still not up to standard even though leasing staff believes it is and refuses to make any real changes (and lots of turnover with front desk staff isn't a vote of confidence) ... short term profits <<< long term relationships"
"Love everything , the atmosphere, the establishment. Everything is near by, affordable and clean Not to mention the amenities a all my mew neighbors are very friendly"
"Nice place to live, but the accountability of other residents leaves a little to be desired. Things broken constantly, inconsiderate dog owners leaving their waste around everywhere, etc."
"Since I moved last year to Alexan, I noticed that the area inside and out of appartment become dirty, residents dont care about leavibg trash on parking, in lift, on the floors, which is very disturbing. Another point which was very disappointig was to execute actions regarding continuous noicse the neighboor party was causing almost on the daily basis. Its very bad that it took almost 5 months of complains to finally get this problem fixed. Another problen I see is that managment should execute smoke policy better. Its sometimes hard to breath in lift after other residents smoked grass in the lift or swimming pool. Also I see problem with parking. Please make sure people use 1 instead 2 parking spots. Especially in the evening it starts to be difficult to find place to park while other cars are parked on 2 spots. I see that managment perhaps must be more selective about resident applications as the quality of living here is continuously declining."
"My resident experience is okay but can be better. I wish there was more events to meet more people from my apartment complex. Minimum 1 per month. Also sometimes my neighbor can be noisy blasting music during the night, which is hard for me to sleep."
"We are loving living here at the Alexan 5151. The leasing office has been very receptive and the team as a whole responds quickly to any service request. The are constantly upkeeping the property keeping the appearance and cleanliness of the property at a great level. You normally cannot say the same for a lot of apartment buildings so we are grateful to call this home here in Houston!"
"Great staff and wonderful assistant Manager. The ZRS Management team was just what the Alexan 5151 needed following the departure of GreyStar."
"The experience has been better since the new management team took over at the apartment. The removal of the Fetch system has been helpful and the cleanliness of the community has improved. I do wish Management was more responsive to inquiries."
"Great place to live, lots to do around and good walking spots. My neighbors are generally quite. Modern amenities, clean places, feels secure."
"Alexan5151 offers really good ammenities , my favorite is the gym and pool. Most neighbors have been really friendly and the staff do a good job."
"Since the management changed they have been trying to improve the Complex and so far they are doing a good job. They listened to the renters and got rid of dreadful Fetch and I can tell they are trying to make things better. Though it started with some hiccups things are improving and it’s being nice to live here. Hopefully they’ll keep it up!"
"Unfortunately I have had 1 bad experience that left a negative feeling. It was something that could have easily been rectified had the staff taken the time to do the research."
"Great Place to Live. Paying rent is very easy and the other residents are very friendly. The repair team working really fast to resolve issues and updates you by email."
"Great tour! Location was great. The property has a great gym. Staff were very professional. I was sold and now I am a resident at 5151 Alexan."
"I love living here. The amenities are nice. I wish the residents would treat the property with more care. The constant carpet stains and trash are due to carelessness and not taking pride in where you live. It’s a beautiful place and all would enjoy it more if everyone worked together to keep it that way."
"Please work on the maintenance of the building. The hallway leading up to my unit is already dirty. Elevators are always dirty. There’s trash everywhere, in the garage, elevator, hallway… this apartment has no luxury feel to it"
"Our experience is below expectations. Apartment management is not providing the service and upkeep that our rent payment to luxury apartment should cover. This includes the front car gate that is frequently broken and currently the alternate gate has been broken for weeks. Most recent aggrevation is the package service which we expect for free with our rent and without needing to deal with arrangements with 3rd parties like Fetch or new service that was announced with short notice."
"The hallways smell horrible. The stairwells smell horrible. The garage by the guest elevator smells horrible. It's too embarrassing to invite anyone to my new home. When I toured, the hallways smelled like a luxury hotel. I was really excited to live in a places with so many nice amenities, but I don't even want to walk around the building because the smell is everywhere. I saw reviews about the smell when I was researching the place recently, but I thought management would have taken care of it by now, but I'm very disappointed that the issue still exists so many weeks after moving in."
"Nice luxury apartments quiet so far Soon as you tell them something is broke they on it now did they mess up the leasing process and gave me the wrong rent price at first yes ran into some hiccups on the move in process"
"I reserve to rate at a later date, i have just moved in and my unit wasn’t properly cleaned or walked by anyone. A little disappointing considering."
"I’ve been living here since 2020. Never had issues before. I feel like the “Luxury” has left the building. Everything is dirty, dog pee everywhere. Just right now outside of the freight elevator at the 4th floor there has been dog pee for over a week and I reported it last Friday and nothing. There is always pee and trash on the parking garage, everything smells bad, a/c of the hallways are off or to high, that you can feel like suffocating while walking thru the hallways. Everything has gone down hill from the past 2 management’s. Specially around July 2022. It’s really sad to pay so much money and not worth it. Just waiting for my lease to be over to move. Couple of neighbors complain about the same things. Multiple calls to report issues to leasing office and rarely they take care of building. I feel those things are basic. Mop floors every day or at least every 2 days but takes weeks. Also they used to pressure wash the garage and the area that the dogs walk."
"very convenient, quite. sometimes elevator smells weed and not cleaned. the management team is not very friendly. The rent is on a higher end, I believer we should receive a better services"
"Only been here for a week but enjoying the property so far. Nice amenities and so far pretty clean. Leasing staff not the best but are asking for feedback to get better so that’s a good sign. Overall nice community."
"Maintenance took over a week to fix our AC because they were being sent to our old apartment...nice. Not much noise now that we're on the 5th floor"
"It’s ok. Quiet area Great that it has the mall and restaurants nearby. Pretty much can walk everywhere if you choose. Has a lot of reserve spots that makes it hard to get a close parking spot."
"I think living here is nice. People just need to pick up their dog poop, and if the gate and elevators stay up then I’ll have 0 issues! I think the gym needs some better equipment as well. The yoga mats are kind of gross and some of the machines have broken knobs so you can’t adjust the seats. The bathrooms near the leasing office don’t have soap. Just regular maintenance needs to be held."
"There are definitely things to improve, but overall the experience has been good. The best part of this complex are the amenities and rapid response of the maintenance crew trough the app."
"Other residents are great. However, service elevator often times has and/or smells like dog pee, there were cars that were broken into in the garage which makes me feel more unsafe, especially since the garage doors have been breaking recently. Also my microwave keeps shorting so the us have to turn it on with the break box, had maintenance look at it and they said it’s just how the building is wired."
"Awesome apartments love the staff and current residents everyone is very friendly and nice. I would totally recommend this place to my friends."
"Moving in was a smooth process. I had no problems getting into the parking garage or using the elevators. Everyone was nice and there were cute gifts for me as well. So far, so good!"
"Beautiful area, but the garage and hallways could remain cleaner at times. It is too expensive to live here for it to get as dirty as it does."
"Everything has been great here as a new resident. The only thing I dislike is the odor in the hallways and the constant piling up of the trash by the chutes."
"Love it! This is one of the best apartment communities I’ve ever lived at. The apartments are beautiful and renovated with excellent amenities. I’m happy with the space & amazing staff."
"Nice place to live. It feels like I am on vacations, like living in a hotel. A quiet place, in a good location, and a secure place. Everything is clean"
"I appreciate the customer service that I’m always giving when I go to the office. It’s just that there is still some cracks in the system as a relates to the cleanliness of the building. That Hass to be more walk-throughs to make sure that the hallways are free of any dirt, Trash, and it smells fresh for our guests that come through. The same treatment that is given to the leasing office should be the same treatment that is given to the rest of the building. So I give four stars instead of five. I still smell garbage I still see trash in the hallways and sometimes I see dog poop in the hallway. Please make sure that the stairwells and the hallways are clean and smell fresh. Thank you."
"I like to live here because it is convenient close to everything and I enjoy the water view with a lot of cute ducks 😊 Also it has a gym inside the building , and two pools with four grilled around for fun and enjoy ."
"Loving it here no complaints at all. Pleasant experience ever since I moved in!!! Love the views of the pool and I’ve even already got someone to move in and I’ve only been here a month!!!"
"We have lived at the Alexan 5151 for about 8 months now and overall would recommend the building to anyone! We really like the convenient location for getting to work and around Houston, the proximity to shopping and dining, and the well kept facilities."
"I am having great experiences here but the management needs more improvement. Also the safety is not good anymore and there has been multiple crimes recently."
"Worst experience ever. It was already pretty bad, and new management has definitely made it much worse, grounds are unkept, no guidelines or resident rules are enforced. Access is not secure, pedestrian gates, elevators and garage gates are always broken. Air bnb lockboxes up front, amenities and access restricted now with no notice or reasoning."
"Communication has improved but mgmt needs to reply to issues faster and work with tenants better. Cleanliness is still an issue around the property"
"I’ve honestly had no troubles here at this apartment at all. The people here are people-friendly , the environment is also awesome and I the location of the apartment is great !"
"My favorite part about living at Alexan 5151 is the Great Community, and Amenities. definatly and cool place to call home. Being able to go ice skating right across the street in the mall."
"The location is great and the amenities are amazing. The Fetch package delivery system makes it VERY difficult to receive packages timely or at all."
"Here at Alexan I have enjoyed the amenities the property is very well kept I feel safe moving around the property and maintenence responds very fast"
"The first year of living at Alexan 5151 was amazing. 2022 has been the worst experience of our life. Emails and phone calls get neglected by the leasing office and management team. No one has answers to any of our questions. Every month there are additional unknown charges. I have submitted my renters insurance multiple times yet I continue to get emails and fees. I understand that every property has its issues but I truly feel as though the residents are neglected at Alexan 5151"
"Great experience so far! I love the appliances and the overall layout of the unit. The attention to details really shows and I feel really comfortable"
"The staff here are very friendly and helpful when I have questions about anything! The managers Holly and Tyra are very kind and proactive! Im a new resident and love it already!!!!"