Comedy, Cuisine, and Cool Grooves in Houston

Laughter is considered by many as the best medicine. While there’s no miracle cure to be found in a single joke, a single good delivery or the ability to enjoy jokes with your loved ones can turn a bad day into a good one, a good day into an amazing one, and overall feel a sense of peace surrounded by the chaos of day-to-day life. Here at Alexan 5151, our great neighborhood in downtown Houston allows you quick access to some of the best comedy clubs and entertainment venues in the city, perfect for a pick-me-up or a weekend gettogether with your circle of friends.

The Music Box Theater is a local cabaret, comedy, and music club situated in downtown Houston; it’s the highest rated fun attraction on TripAdvisor and a must-see for Houston residents and tourists alike. It’s located no more than five miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning you can drive there in under fifteen minutes or take a quick twenty-minute bus ride to save on parking and gas. Featuring five local acting and performing talents, this cabaret offers a great performance nearly every weekend, singing fan-favorite songs and improving gut-busting jokes for everyone in your party to enjoy. Sit down and enjoy the show, and order from a wide assortment of wine, beer, mimosa, soft drinks, and even finger foods such as cheese and crackers. Private parties are also available, perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, holidays, and other special events.

Treat your worries and stress with some friends and a smile at Alexan 5151. Visit our lovely luxury apartments and the Music Box Theater this weekend for your next mental escape.