New Tech, Classic Comfort in Our Uptown Houston Apartments

Technology has certainly come a long way in the past few decades: people can contact their loved ones from around the world through Internet facetime, or by simply using a device that can easily fit in their pocket; millions of years of information can be accessed right from your laptop, giving you an endless pool of knowledge to learn something every day; and there are a plethora of handy tools to make daily errands works just a tad easier. Our modern luxury Uptown Houston apartments at Alexan 5151 have the best new amenities for all their residents, giving you piece of mind when settling down or bringing in the party.

For starters, start saving on your air conditioning and heating expenses with modern ingenuity. All our luxury apartments have Nest thermostats installed, allowing you to control the temperature of your home to your preferences, and you can even adjust the settings from your smartphone while you’re out in the office or on vacation. There are also solar window shades and ceiling fans in every living room and bedroom to aid in this endeavor. Our Insync lock systems spare you from the hassle of juggling or losing keys; simply memorize the secure code and step right into your home. Our contemporary kitchens include efficient stainless-steel appliances, such as the additional wine chiller for your favorite beverages. Finally, meditate and relax after a long day or jam out to your beloved tunes through our Sonos Bluetooth speaker package, featured in several of our models.

Enjoy the best of today’s conveniences right from home at Alexan 5151. Come see our stunning luxury Uptown Houston apartments today.