Race for Victory and Fun

Life itself is not a race; it’s important to take your time and enjoy every moment of it while you can. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go fast from time to time just to have some thrills. Here at Alexan 5151 in uptown Houston, our great location gives you access to many racetracks, ranging from ones where you watch professional racers speed down on the track to ones where you’re on the track yourself.

The Formula Racing Center is an indoor kart racing track with two locations; the closer one, in between Houston and Galveston, stands about twenty-five miles away from our luxury apartment complex – a half-hour drive. It’s the ultimate racing experience for all ages, with three different karts to choose from: the Rookie racer for kids learning the ropes, the Novice racer for people thirteen or older that are new to the race track, and the Pro racer for adults who love to race and race fast. Simply come on out during open hours to experience a race with your loved ones, along with catering from local restaurants to add a delicious meal for every victory; or reserve a race for a private group to keep the track reserved for you and your friends. There’s also birthday and other party packages available for parties as large as 400 racers, Bazooka Blast – a paintball style shooting arena, summer driving courses for kids, and more. Tickets are available through individual or group pricing, though members can get exclusive deals and discounts.

Strap up your seat belt and race to the checkered flag here at Alexan 5151. Explore our open luxury apartments today and then make a trip to the Formula Racing Center in Webster to start your weekend fun.