Two-Bedroom Apartment luxury with the B1 at Alexan 5151

Sometimes when looking for a first apartment, an upgrade, or just a new apartment in a new, more urban environment, it can seem a little easier to adjust if you take on the new place with a roommate. However, finding the right two-bedroom apartment can be a long process, as a compromise and differing opinions are inevitable. However, even the pickiest and divided of roommates are sure to be pleased by the luxury offerings here at Alexan 5151.


For instance, the B1 floorplan is sure to offer the best for both roommates. With 1,283 square feet, it provides the space to make sure neither of you ever feel at loss for a personal area, or enough room for the both of you. On entry, you will be greeted with a gorgeous modern kitchen, which is well equipped to handle any cooking task, and is stylish looking on top of that. Across from this is the living and dining area, which is large enough for both a dinner party-worthy dining set, as well as any living room furnishings and decorations you both could want. Finally, across from the living room is the balcony or patio, the perfect spot to enjoy a breath of fresh air or a view of the gorgeous Houston surroundings. On either side of the apartment is a personal space for both roommates, containing a bathroom, bedroom, and closet space. To the left of the entry is a bathroom with guest access, ensuring your privacy is never intruded on. Both sides offer a modern, sleek bathroom, as well as spacious bedrooms and closet space large enough to house any and all of your belongings.


To see our two-bedroom apartment floor plans, or any more, or to see our amenities and location, please drop by our leasing office today to see just what Alexan 5151 has to offer you!